Monday, July 28, 2014

Welcome to the Family

One great thing about Alex’s House is that we function as a family.  Many organizations that care for children operate as an institution.  Our children’s home, however is truly a family.  And we are a family that has grown.  We introduce to you our newest brother Sheridson.

Sheridson, or as many refer to him SonSon, came to our family a little over a month ago.  When he first arrived he weighed just over 9 pounds at almost 6 months old.  You can see from this photo that he was severely malnourished.  Each of his ribs showed and his arms with nothing but bones. (No worries as he now has a very plump belly and is getting some rolls on his legs!)

Since his arrival, Sheridson has really grown.  When he first arrived simply taking a bottle of milk was enough to exhaust him.  He’s gained several pounds.  SonSon  loves to touch your face and coos and giggles when you talk to him-he even recognizes his name.  He can sit up on his own and is very close to rolling over!  The signs of malnutrition are quickly fading away.  Sheridson has quickly adjusted to his new family. As you can tell they are very happy to have him around as well!  Everyone wants to pitch in and help care for the new baby.  Even Widna and Wislove like to "hold" and care for him!

Sheridson’s father passed away in a car accident.  The loss of income left his mother unable to care for him.  He was not receiving the food or care he needed.  Each child's story begins with some heartbreak.  It's never a good thing when a child has to leave their family.  However, here at Alex's House the story doesn't stop there!  Baby SonSon was welcomed here at Alex’s House the beginning of June with open loving arms by everyone.  What started from loss will be redeemed as Sheridson is raised in a family dedicated to training to make him a disciple of Christ.

Welcome to the family Sheridson!  We hope you get to come meet our newest brother soon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Pop of Color-Gate Mural

Each week team members come with special talents and gifts.  In June, we had a few team members from Welsh Baptist in Maryland were artists.  Erin & Barb designed a mural for the front gate of Alex's House.

They used the inspiration of the tropical backdrop of Haiti for the main portion of the mural.  They also designed silhouettes for around the outer edges of the door.

Over the course of the week team members helped prep the door, paint base coats, and outline silhouettes.  Next the artists went to work on the main focal point.  The mural adds a nice pop of color to our home.  After it was completed, many of the children would stand and gaze at the art!

Check out a few photos of our new mural.  Thanks to the team from Welsh Baptist for our beautiful new artwork!
A view down the drive before the mural was started.
The team prepped the door for the mural.

A team member works on one of the silhouettes.

Artists Erin & Barb put the finishing touches on the almost complete mural.
The finished mural adds a great backdrop to drive!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Project Playground: COMPLETE

Project Playground: COMPLETE
The kids have a fun new place to play.  Like many things at Alex's House, our new playground was a team effort!  It was the work of many that together created a beautiful new play structure for our children.

Many committed to raising money through our latest fundraiser.  VBSs and children's ministries  took the challenge to help raise the money to build the playground.

Team member after team member worked hard to clear the grounds of rubble.  In between ministry sites teams would shovel buckets of rocks to make a clearing for the new playground.

Building plans were sketched and drawn out weeks in advance.  And then of course, thrown out and completely reworked once the project started!

Truck loads of supplies were brought in from Port au Prince.  The JAC truck was so weighed down with materials, it took an extra to get home from Port one day.  Several trips were made to the hardware store to collect everything needed for the project!

A team from The Gathering in Illinois welded, measured, sawed, and hammered.  Their blood, sweat and tears were poured into the playground.  The team did a great job of working quickly to get the project completed in one week!

And all the hard work paid off when the final results were unveiled!  We see many years of squeals, smiles and laughters!
The playground has a rope ladder, baby swings, trapeze bar, climbing ladder, bridge, and big kid swings!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let's Build a Playground!

Alex's House has started developing the lot beside the York House!  The land has been walled in, the transition home foundation has started and the land is being cleared.  What will go on the land being cleared?  A NEW PLAYGROUND!  Our children are going to be so excited to have a place to play in the afternoons.

Is your children's ministry or church's VBS program looking for a fun way to invest and get your children involved in missions?  If so, join us in building the playground for the Alex's House children.  Children participating in the fundraiser will commit to praying for an AH child, raise money for the playground and perform an act of kindness.  They will participate in global and local missions all at once!

We have play money designed for the children to sell to friends, family, neighbors, etc to raise money for the playground.  On their play money, the will also write the name of their AH child to encourage others to be praying for the child as well.

All the materials are designed and ready for you -flyers, play money, and fundraiser instructions.  We just need your church to get involved. If your church would like to participate email kendall@alexshouseorphanage today to request the materials.  Together we can build a playground!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I love it when God works like that-Widow's Ministry

Alex's House is excited to announce a new ministry for widows in our surrounding communities.  Read about this new focus from the words of co-director Debbie Weeks.  Debbie has traveled to Haiti multiple times serving on medical, construction, Bible School and teaching conference teams.

There are times in my life (when considering a certain ministry opportunity)that I wonder, "Is it God's will for me to do this certain thing, at this time?".  There are other times,  it seems
 as if the Lord is very clearly, NO DOUBT, saying, "This is what I want you to do!"...I love it when God works like that!  That is the way God spoke to me about helping 
to set up the widow's ministry for Alex's House. 

The background...
One reason I began learning the Haitian Creole language, was that I wanted to be prepared for when God would give me the opportunity to talk with some of the dear widows there.  I wanted to be able to talk with them "friend to friend", "face to face", in their language. Each time I have gone, I have always been drawn to the dear ladies of Haiti, but have never really had the chance to spend any time with them, until the summer of 2013.  One afternoon, our team was able to provide lunch for a group of widows.  We prayed with them, rubbed their hands and feet with lotion, and praised the Lord together with them in song for a couple of hours.  Let me tell you, I left a part of my heart with those dear ladies!  As we prayed, sang, and cried together, I knew I would never be the same. I knew God was giving me a longing to build relationships with them.

The burden...
One morning, the end of last year, I awoke very burdened for the Haitian widows.  As I stood at my kitchen sink, staring out the window, I began to feel discouraged, as I wondered if I would ever get to minister to the Haitian widows again. (At the time, Alex's House did not yet have an "official widow's ministry" set up).  I had not yet checked my email for the day.  This was unusual for me, as it is usually the first thing I do.  I just prayed that the Lord would meet their needs and If it was His will I would get to  minister again to some of them.

After praying, I checked by email and noticed that there was an email from Bill Howard, asking me if I would consider co-directing the new "Widow's Ministry" for Alex's House!  Wow, God is so good!  God was working behind the scenes working out the details to begin a ministry to widows, and at the same time, placing a desire in my heart for those widows!   

I agreed to help organize and set up a plan for widow's ministry in Haiti.  Leah Wagner and myself are co-directing this effort, with help from Missions Director Kendall Moss.  Please join us in praying for this ministry and these dear widows.  Pray that we will follow the Lord's direction in how to best love, serve, and most importantly, point them to our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

I am so very thankful for our God, who calls us and equips us!  Praise His name! 

Debbie Weeks  

NOTE: God has filled all four scheduled widow's ministry weeks for 2014!  We have a few open slots.  If you are interested, contact Kendall at

Friday, April 4, 2014

New Sponsorship Opportunity

You can change the life of a child beyond the walls of Alex’s House in Haiti!  We need sponsors for our Education Sponsorship Program in Arachaie.  Barboncourt is one of our partnering churches that also runs an orphanage with 33 children.  Also, the church runs a school that provides education to over 100 children.

We recently secured a water storage tank and filters so these children will have clean water to drink.  With the help of your sponsorship money, we will be able to send these children to school and provide them with one hot meal a day.  What a wonderful gift you can give to them! 

For clarity: This sponsorship program is totally autonomous, and is not part of Alex’s House. These children are in our surrounding community and not under the roof of Alex’s House.  This  Education Sponsorship Program will not lend itself to sending and receiving letters. However, there will be periodic updates about the orphanage as a whole and you will have the opportunity to visit your child while on a mission trip to Alex’s House. 

Please view the pictures of these children(by clicking on the photo below), and pray about the difference you will make as their  education sponsor.  Jesus said “let the little children come to me….for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”   Please help Alex’s House reach beyond our walls to feed and educate these precious children.

Contact Monica A. Langdale, Sponsorship Director, for more information about this Education Sponsor opportunity.  We need your help!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Alex's House Celebrates Four Years


February marked the 4 year anniversary of Alex's House!  The first week of March our Haitian staff planned a "fet" (Creole for party) to celebrate our birthday. We decorated Vaught Dining Hall, cooked up a fine meal and invited our partnering church leaders, our Haitian builders(those who constructed our buildings) and members of the community. We hope you enjoy a few snapshots from our party!

We put on our party dresses and shiniest shoes!
Everyone shared a meal of fried chicken, rice and beans, plantains and salad.  The kids especially enjoyed the Cokes and juice.  What a treat for them!
Papa Bill cut the birthday cake after we sang Happy Birthday to the cake.  Yep you read that correctly!  Haitian fets include singing Happy Birthday to the cake after you sing to the birthday boy/girl.

The whole party was centered on bringing praise to our Lord and Savior.  Papa Bill shared the story of how God lead him to start Alex's House.  Our director's Jimmy and Patrick shared updates on what God is doing in the lives of our children.  Each of our house parents spoke a few words of thanks and encouragement for how God is working.  A very special time was when our children sang several songs of praise to our Father.  You can see the video of our children singing here on our Facebook page.

Thank you for being a part of our last four years.  We look forward to many good years ahead!