Thursday, November 27, 2014

Amazon Smile

Are you an online shopper?  You can use your shopping to help support Alex’s House when making purchases on!  Amazon Smile is the same website, however, it allows you to designate a non-profit to receive a portion of your sale. When shopping online go to  and sign-in using your Amazon username and password.

Next search for Alex’s House Orphanage as your charitable organization.  Select Alex’s House(Lexington, SC) as the organization you want to support.
Now as you shop, your purchases will help support Alex’s House.

It’s a simply way to give back while you do what you were already doing.  Simply make the switch to for your online Amazon purchases.  Share this easy way to give to Alex’s House with other online shoppers today!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our Next Step - Piercing the Darkness!

Hello Alex’s House Family!

I want you to know how grateful I am for the love, support and prayers you offered Alex’s House in 2014.  Our children are happy and growing and through you, the Lord has met all of our needs. Your love and support is literally changing the lives of our children!

This February will be a great milestone in our history – our 5th anniversary!  I stand in awe at the amazing progress the Lord has allowed us to make in these few short years.  Yet, there’s a trembling in my spirit as well - for as you know, the Lord does not allow us to stay in one place for very long.  

The Lord has given me clarity in where we should go next.  Please click on the following link and watch our new video – Piercing the Darkness.  The video and the information that follows it will tell you all about our next steps forward!

After watching, if you agree that the Lord is calling us in these new efforts, please make a generous donation to help the vision become a reality.

You have been so faithful in standing with me in this calling to reach Haiti for Jesus. 
Thank you for your faithful financial support, your prayers and your friendship.  I’m so grateful to be in ministry together with you.

…for the least of these….


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mission Calendar for 2015

By the end of 2014, over 250 people will have served on mission teams at Alex's House within the year!  We had team members from Colorado to West Virginia, from Michigan to Alabama and New Mexico to South Carolina.  Because of the reach of these teams, Alex's House held medical clinics, trained leaders in children's ministry, taught adult Bible classes and ministered to local widows.  Mission teams allow us to go beyond the walls of the children's home to minister in the local communities.

We hope you can join us in 2015 as we continue to reach the least of these for Christ.  This next year we will continue with children's ministry, adult ministry, women's ministry, sports ministry and medical missions at our ministry sites.   In addition, the Lord has shown us the need to hold deeper training sessions for local leaders.  We will host children leaders training, youth ministry training, pastors training and worship leaders training conferences in 2015.

Alex's House invites you to join us in 2015 to be a part of the work the Lord is continuing in Haiti. Check out our missions page for next year's schedule.   If you have a church or missions group that would like schedule a trip, please contact our Missions Director, Kendall Moss at  We look forward to serving with you in 2015!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Alex's House Goes to Beach Camp

After a busy schedule of mission groups this summer, we took the first week of August as a time of special celebration for our Alex's House Family-Beach Camp 2014!  The excitement started weeks ago when flyers were posted announcing camp.  Everyone hurried around to get the details of the upcoming event.  You could hear children reading the details out loud then running to tell their brothers and sisters the news.

We spent Monday and Tuesday at a camp site in Pierre Payen.  Each day we had an interactive Bible story, craft time, and recreation.  The children studied creation and the effects of sin;  they made pouches to carry fish and loaves from the story of Jesus feeding the 5000; and they played many games including jump rope races.

To end each day of camp, we spent time playing in the ocean.  The big kids swam out to stand on the barrier and the littles splashed in the shallow end with beach toys.

We used camp as a training opportunity for our older children.  On Wednesday, we spent time teaching them how to "put on" a day program.  They practiced teaching the creation story, aiding with a craft and directing game time.  
While the older children learned the program, the younger children practiced greeting guests and giving directions.  They also rehearsed a song to welcome visitors to our home.
On Thursday, we invited our friends from Pastor Louissant's Orphanage in Barboncourt to a day camp at our house.  They were greeted at the door by our whole family singing "bienvenue a tout"- welcome us all.  We sang together and opened in prayer.  The Alex's House children gave our visitors a tour of our home, then we started our program.  

We moved between four stations-Bible story, craft, creation book, recreation- and made it until almost the very end with all groups still intact!  Each of the stations were led by Alex's House children. Our kids did a PHENOMENAL job of leading.  They took their task to heart and did an excellent job of teaching our friends.

 We headed back to Pierre Payen on Friday for our final day of beach camp. It was a joyous time of singing together, learning more about our Savior and having fun as a family.  Everyone-kids and adults- had a wonderful time at camp.  A special thank you to the Howard family for coming and leading Beach Camp 2014!  Here's a final photo of us all enjoying our last day of camp.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Welcome to the Family

One great thing about Alex’s House is that we function as a family.  Many organizations that care for children operate as an institution.  Our children’s home, however is truly a family.  And we are a family that has grown.  We introduce to you our newest brother Cheridson.

Cheridson, or as many refer to him SonSon, came to our family a little over a month ago.  When he first arrived he weighed just over 9 pounds at almost 6 months old.  You can see from this photo that he was severely malnourished.  Each of his ribs showed and his arms with nothing but bones. (No worries as he now has a very plump belly and is getting some rolls on his legs!)

Since his arrival, Cheridson has really grown.  When he first arrived simply taking a bottle of milk was enough to exhaust him.  He’s gained several pounds.  SonSon  loves to touch your face and coos and giggles when you talk to him-he even recognizes his name.  He can sit up on his own and is very close to rolling over!  The signs of malnutrition are quickly fading away.  Cheridson has quickly adjusted to his new family. As you can tell they are very happy to have him around as well!  Everyone wants to pitch in and help care for the new baby.  Even Widna and Wislove like to "hold" and care for him!

Cheridson’s father passed away in a car accident.  The loss of income left his mother unable to care for him.  He was not receiving the food or care he needed.  Each child's story begins with some heartbreak.  It's never a good thing when a child has to leave their family.  However, here at Alex's House the story doesn't stop there!  Baby SonSon was welcomed here at Alex’s House the beginning of June with open loving arms by everyone.  What started from loss will be redeemed as Cheridson is raised in a family dedicated to training to make him a disciple of Christ.

Welcome to the family Cheridson!  We hope you get to come meet our newest brother soon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Pop of Color-Gate Mural

Each week team members come with special talents and gifts.  In June, we had a few team members from Welsh Baptist in Maryland were artists.  Erin & Barb designed a mural for the front gate of Alex's House.

They used the inspiration of the tropical backdrop of Haiti for the main portion of the mural.  They also designed silhouettes for around the outer edges of the door.

Over the course of the week team members helped prep the door, paint base coats, and outline silhouettes.  Next the artists went to work on the main focal point.  The mural adds a nice pop of color to our home.  After it was completed, many of the children would stand and gaze at the art!

Check out a few photos of our new mural.  Thanks to the team from Welsh Baptist for our beautiful new artwork!
A view down the drive before the mural was started.
The team prepped the door for the mural.

A team member works on one of the silhouettes.

Artists Erin & Barb put the finishing touches on the almost complete mural.
The finished mural adds a great backdrop to drive!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Project Playground: COMPLETE

Project Playground: COMPLETE
The kids have a fun new place to play.  Like many things at Alex's House, our new playground was a team effort!  It was the work of many that together created a beautiful new play structure for our children.

Many committed to raising money through our latest fundraiser.  VBSs and children's ministries  took the challenge to help raise the money to build the playground.

Team member after team member worked hard to clear the grounds of rubble.  In between ministry sites teams would shovel buckets of rocks to make a clearing for the new playground.

Building plans were sketched and drawn out weeks in advance.  And then of course, thrown out and completely reworked once the project started!

Truck loads of supplies were brought in from Port au Prince.  The JAC truck was so weighed down with materials, it took an extra to get home from Port one day.  Several trips were made to the hardware store to collect everything needed for the project!

A team from The Gathering in Illinois welded, measured, sawed, and hammered.  Their blood, sweat and tears were poured into the playground.  The team did a great job of working quickly to get the project completed in one week!

And all the hard work paid off when the final results were unveiled!  We see many years of squeals, smiles and laughters!
The playground has a rope ladder, baby swings, trapeze bar, climbing ladder, bridge, and big kid swings!